1 Birthday Cake2 Jump Up Superstar3 Debutante Ball4 Call On Me5 Evil Like Me6 Cooties7 This is Home8 Lilac Fairy Variation9 Fairy Doll10 The Lilac Fairy11 Lovely12 Look Up13 I Don't Want to Live14 Grown Woman15 Broadway on the Brain16 Spirit17 Moonlight Fairy18 Rooftop Dancing19 Dandelions20 Beast21 Gonna Be A Good Day22 You Ain't the Problem23 Dreamer24 Butterfly Girl25 You There26 House of Hope27 Conversation with the Moon28 Everybody Wants To Be A Cat29 Blue Bird30 Lift Me Up31 Life is Just A Bowl of Cherries32 Boomerang33 Feel the Love34 Do You?35 Heat Wave36 Just A Cloud37 Conga!38 Box of Secrets39 Sing to Myself40 Just  One Day41 Popular42 Power43 At the End44 I will Carry You45 Broken46 Sand47 Send Me the Moon48 Heart49 Desperate50 Revolt51 Noize53 Seasoned Oak54 Hopeful55 Hanging On57 Running58 Grandma's Hands59 When You Were60 Upside61 It's All Coming Back To Me Now62 I Want You Back63 Rescue64 Prison of Decision65 Crazy Little Thing66 Flat Foot Foogie67 Sleep Is A Rose68 Falling Up69 Human70 Time71 Rescue72 I Can't Breath73 Los Vas Olivdar74 Hypnosis75 Breath76 Infatuation77 Hope78 Break79 Bitter Earth80 Slay Queen81 You'll Never Walk Alone82 So Much Better83 Tailsman84 Variation from Don Quixote85 Etude 1686 Wade In The Water87 Look At Me Now89 The Great Speech90 Amen91 Prayer in Open D92 The Secret History93 Variation From Sleeping Beauty94 I Found95 Runaway96 New Light97 Old Days98 Otherside99 That's Not The Way It Feels100 Sweet Nation102 Feel Good103 Like You Do104 Rivers and Roads105 Something106 Giselle Variation107 Run To You108 Boss Ladies109 False Confidence110 Desert Song111 Spell112 Rival113 That Girl114 I Wanna Remember115 Oceans and Pearls116 Friday118 Body Language120 Make It Look Easy122 Off The Radar