Let me share with you the progression of my life in my love of photography.  I have been shooting photography since I graduated from high school.  I was given my first film camera, a Pentax K-1000, as a graduation gift.  My love at the time was shooting street photography with black and white film.  I was drawn to the power of emotion that I was able to capture.  As I progressed through college I found myself exploring more the realm of nature photography with an emphasis on wildlife.  I later became a freelance photographer shooting family portraitures and a few weddings.  I also started shooting sports photography (Football, Baseball, Lacrosse, Cycling).  Fast action with perfectly timed photos became images that people were requesting.  To take my skills to a formal level i enrolled in the New York Institute of Photography, After completing my education, I found myself starting Siglerphotographics.  I have experience in all different aspects of photography and see myself as well rounded in every style.  I consider myself a performance and portrait photographer and would love to be a part of your next special event.